Election Resources

The NWTAC has produced a number of resources for communities in an election. Please feel free to download and use these resources in your communities, and contact us if you have any questions or would like to request a personalized version of any materials.

 See the GNWT Municipal Election Dates here!

Election Resources for Cities, Towns and Villages Election- October 15

 Election Guidelines for Candidates 2018

 Elections Ahead – 2018

 Get out and Vote Ad

 Get out the vote campaign 2018

 Homeless Not Voteless Poster

RUN for Mayor or Council Poster


Election Resources for Hamlets -December 10

Election Guidelines for Candidates 2018

Get out and Vote Ad – Hamlets

RUN for Mayor or Council Poster – Hamlets

VOTE Poster – Get Out and Vote 2018

Homeless Not Voteless Poster