Below are links to information, resources, documents, presentations and other information helpful to NCIP Program Members. Check back periodically to see what we have added.

2017 Elections Materials

The NWTAC encourages all community members to be involved in local, territorial, and federal elections by asking questions, raising issues, voting, and running for elected positions. Here are some resources to promote participation in the fall 2015 elections.
Please note that ALL posters can be customized for your community! Contact or call 867.873.8359 or 1.866.973.8359 for more information!

Elections Ahead – Hamlets 2017
RUN for Mayor or Council Poster
VOTE Poster – Captions
VOTE Poster – Get Out and Vote 2017
Homeless Not Vote-less Poster 2017

Thinking of running for Mayor or Council in your community? Take a look at these Election Guidelines for Candidates

NWTAC Anti-Vandalism and Anti-Littering Posters

The NWTAC encourages Northern communities to download these free posters and post them in public locations.  Please send an email to if you would like a specialized, community-specific version of any of these posters.

Litter Fairy Poster

Litterpoop Fairy

Vandalism Poster – Version 1

Vandalism Poster – Version 2


Permafrost 101

This 11-minute video will walk you through the basic information on permafrost in the NWT.  Permafrost is one of the risks that community governments are exposed to but that receives little attention is the melting of permafrost and the impacts that it can have on community buildings.

Loss Prevention Incentive Program launch
PowerPoint presentation to LGANT Annual General Meeting, Oct. 29, 2009
Added Dec. 1, 2009

Program Brochure
PDF copy of Brochure announcing Loss Prevention Incentive Program, mailed to Program Member Communities in late November 2009.
Added Dec. 1, 2009

Risk Management Basics
PDF copy of Risk Management Basics from the NCIP Risk Management Manual
Added Dec. 1, 2009