Strategic Planning

Deconstructing the Image: The Blanket Toss has historically been used by the Inuvialuit to search for game and to spot whales. What better example is there of people working together and thus all contributing to set the vision of the community?

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“A Strategic Plan outlines the values of communities and sets out a road map to where the community plans on going in the future and what it wants to achieve in the long run.”

The planning process is about taking a clear look at your community’s situation, problems and solutions, and figuring out a series of actions to reach priority goals. Strategic planning focuses on developing a broad vision and specific goals, strategies and actions that will have the most impact.

But Strategic Planning in the community context is not an exercise for someone sitting at a desk. Successful strategic plans are effective only when residents and organizations have an opportunity to contribute. Therefore, successful strategic planning is a collaborative process that draws partners and stakeholders together to create and work towards a community integrated approach.

Integrated approaches are used to drive the development of community priorities and specific actions needed to turn the vision into reality.

The ICSP Implementation Guide for Communities

The NWTAC has developed an Implementation Guide to assist NWT communities in undertaking strategic planning initiatives. This guide is available here: 
ICSP Implementation Guide for Communities