Policies & Procedures Manual

Northwest Territories Association of Communities
Sample Community Government Policies and Procedures Manual

The Sample Community Government Policies and Procedures Manual provides sample policies and procedures that can be adopted and implemented by Community Governments.

Many Community Governments in the NWT are operating with limited and/or outdated policies. As a result many Community Governments may be at risk and may not be operating in a consistent and effective manner.

The Sample Community Government Policies and Procedures Manual has been developed to provide Community Governments with a menu of policies and procedures in the following critical areas:

1. Governance
2. General Administration
3. Financial Administration
4. Human Resources
5. Leave Management
6. Compensation Management
7. Occupational Health and Safety.

These policies are provided as a starting point for your use and should be reviewed for the appropriateness of your community.

Click on the following links to read each chapter:

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1. Governance

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2. General Administration

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3. Financial Administration

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4. Human Resources Policies

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5. Leave Management Policies

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6. Compensation Management Policies

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7. Occupational Health and Safety Policies

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