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Welcome to Planning Central, an Online Information Portal for NWT Community Governments, providing tools and information to develop, take action, track progress and update their Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSP).

ICSPs were required under the Federal Gas Tax Agreement.

An ICSP is a long-term plan that is developed in consultation with community members, which provides direction for the community to achieve its objectives for the sustainable development.


For NWT Community Governments, ICSPs consist of at least the following four components:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Human Resources Plan
  • Energy Plan
  • Capital Plan


What is a sustainable community?

A Sustainable Community:

  • Balances and integrates social, cultural, economic and environmental planning
  • Meets the needs of existing and future generations
  • Considers the diverse and unique issues and opportunities
  • Exhibits good governance
  • Has residents who are are active and safe
  • Cares about the environment
  • Infrastructure is well designed
  • Shows vibrant economic development
  • Has capacity to perform
  • Is well serviced

ICSP Smart Management Practices


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