Support Services

The NWTAC’s insurance professionals provide a variety of services in support of the Loss Prevention Incentive Program

Contract Review

NORCIX helps communities review contracts and can pay for the development of professionally reviewed agreements for the performance of contracted services.  Sound contracts reduce vulnerability to legal action.  Water and sewer and garbage contracts, request for proposals, public works and construction contracts can be reviewed.  With the assistance of legal counsel, NORCIX continually adds to the NWTAC’s online resource library. Customized property and liability wordings are specifically designed for the unique needs of NWT communities


Appraisal Program

The NWTAC’s contracted appraiser performs onsite visits to inspect community buildings and assets, set their insurance value and identify hazards or conditions that need to be corrected.   Each hazard is photographed with notes and included in the recommendations contained in the appraisal report.  If the hazard is serious, the inspector will advise the community at the time of inspection and make recommendations for corrections.


Inspection Software on Tablets

With 3G and 4G service coming to more NWT communities, NORCIX is investigating development of an inspection program for use on smart phones and tablets.  Inspection apps are in wide use in British Columbia and already in use in one NWT community.   Apps are simple to use, with no paperwork.  Completed inspection reports can be saved and sent electronically.  The system is being tested to eliminate deficiencies.


Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

The NWTAC has an on-line resource library of bylaws, policies and procedures, including policies on General and Financial Administration, Human Resources, Compensation and Leave Management and Occupational Health and Safety.


Posters and Advertising

vandelism horizontal v1Anti-vandalism posters were distributed to all the communities, to increase awareness of the damage of vandalism and reduce senseless acts.  Advertising has been placed to remind the public to be careful of potholes, since advertising has proven to be a defense against legal action in some jurisdictions.


Lessons from Losses

NORCIX distributes bulletins to members, highlighting losses involving such topics as property, liability, auto and criminal losses.  Lessons from Losses include details of the loss event, what led to the loss and how-to steps for avoiding similar losses.


Legislation and Standards

The NWTAC regularly participates in the review, amendment and update of NWT legislation and regulations that have an impact on community governments.  NWTAC participates on the technical committee and working groups for the Canadian Standards Association for the development of standards for building snow loads, thermo siphons used in building construction, community storm water management and permafrost degradation to building foundations.


Safety Videos

montieNCIP offers a suite of more than 80 short safety videos on one disc, for use in staff training.  Three disc sets have been sent to every community, and can be resupplied on request.


Community Mapping

The GNWT’s Geographic Information System (GIS) shows the location of all roads, buildings, lakes and vegetation in the NWT.  Discussions are underway to expand the GIS to identify community government buildings.  This would enable NORCIX to determine the total insured vales of property in an area and the distances between properties.  The system can be accessed at


For more information about the Program, please email NCIP Manager Karen Kuronen or call the NCIP office at 867 873 8359, Toll Free 1-866-973-8359