Northern Communities Insurance Program

NCIP GIF 2The Northern Communities Insurance Program (NCIP) is the made-in-the-North insurance program owned by the member communities of the NWTAC.  It provides municipal insurance for the community governments of the Northwest Territories.

The NCIP grew from the NWTAC Association of Communities’ first insurance program, which was created in 1978 when several communities joined together to get better rates by purchasing insurance as a group. The NCIP became the NWTAC’s central insurance program in 2003.



  • Provides broad liability and property insurance coverage at stable and best-value costs
  • Stabilizes insurance rates to ensure financial certainty for members
  • Helps Member Communities prevent claims through risk management training and resources
  • Provides insurance and risk management advise to community members


The NCIP provides insurance services, including:

    • Managing insurance coverage for:
      • Property
      • General liability
      • Automobile liability
      • Automobile asset insurance
    • Arranging special coverage
    • Insurance program management:
      • Contract review
      • Issuing all documents
      • Handling all enquiries
      • Claims management
    • Coordinating:
      • Risk Control
      • Loss Prevention
      • Asset Management

NCIP insurance is provided from two sources:

  • The Northern Communities Insurance Exchange, or NORCIX

  • Supplementary coverage purchased from conventional third-party insurers


NORCIX is the self-insurance component of the NCIP.  It insures its members for the first $1,000,000 of all property, general liability, auto liability losses and 100% of all auto physical damage losses.


NORCIX has been so successful at controlling cost increases that insurance rates have not risen above 2001 premium rates.


NCIP and NORCIX are monitored and governed by the Insurance Committee made up of the NWTAC Board of Directors. The Insurance Committee gives direction to the NWTAC’s Program Manager and the Principal Attorney, with advice from the broker, appraisers, actuaries, adjusters and other service providers.


The Insurance Committee meets twice yearly to discuss current issues and give direction for the management of the program.


Both NORCIX and NCIP are audited annually by Avery Cooper LLP who is also the auditor for the NWTAC.


Download a PDF About the NCIP

Download the 2014 NCIP Annual Report


Download the NCIP overview flyer, Community Owned Affordable Insurance