Loss Prevention Incentives Program

The Northern Communities Insurance Program and NORCIX are committed to reducing losses for all communities.

Most insurance losses are preventable through inspections and basic housekeeping.  Preventing losses protects each community’s financial investment in the Northern Communities Insurance Exchange (NORCIX) and safeguards community assets, whether it’s a recreation complex, hamlet office or water treatment plant.


BMNORCIX established an incentive fund in 2010 to help communities develop and carry out their own Loss Prevention programs.  Funds are paid to communities in 25 per cent disbursements, as the community completes each stage in a series of Mandatory Activities.


To receive the funds, communities must:

Take the Loss Prevention Workshop, staged in the community by the NWTAC.

The workshop is designed to be taken by all staff, to:

  • Create awareness and understanding of Loss Prevention
  • Reduce the frequency and cost of claims in key NORCIX risk areas i.e. Liability, Property, and Automobile losses
  • Perform a work-through inspection of a community facility to learn what is required for an inspection

25% of funds paid

 Perform inspections on all major buildings owned by the community

  • Inspections, to identify property and liability hazards that could cause a loss.
  • Inspection forms are submitted to the NCIP office for review.

25% of funds paid

 Correct hazards identified during the inspection

In most cases, the identified hazards are housekeeping issues corrected at little or no costs.

25% of funds paid

Once the Mandatory Activities have been completed, Communities can use their funds for other loss prevention activities such as:

  • Paying costs incurred in reviewing and updating bylaws
  • reviewing current contracts reviewing or establishing policies and procedures
  • having vehicles and equipment inspected

The final 25 per cent is paid as a Good Claims Credit  if total overall losses remain low.  


For more information about the Program, please email NCIP Manager Karen Kuronen or call the NCIP office at 867 873 8359, Toll Free 1-866-973-8359