Community Emergency Plans

Developing a Community Emergency Plan

An effective community emergency response is important to ensure the protection of people, property and the environment and the restoration of community operations. To help communities achieve this state of preparedness, MACA has introduced a Community Emergency Response Plan Template that will help Community Governments develop a plan to respond to an emergency. The Template is designed to help create a plan that will define the roles and responsibilities of agencies during an emergency and establish provisions for a timely coordinated response.

MACA offers community governments a two-day workshop designed to familiarize community emergency management officials with their roles and responsibilities and to develop or update the community emergency plan. Please contact MACA’s Regional Superintendent in your area for more information.

Community Emergency Management Video

The video is split into 9 parts:


The 4 pillars of emergency management

Legislation, structure, and responsibility

Mitigation and prevention

Preparedness part 1

Preparedness part 2