Election 2019 – Questions for Candidates!

Federal Election ( October 21, 2019 )

Questions for Federal Candidates 2019 Election

NWTAC Federal Election Platform – Priorities for 2019 Election

Federal Candidate Answers 

Michael McLeod-Liberal Candidate Responses 

Mary Beckett – NDP Candidate Responses

Paul Falvo – Green Party Responses

Yanik D’aigle- Conservative Party Responses


Territorial Election 2019 ( October 1, 2019 )  – Questions for MLA candidates

NWTAC Territorial Position Paper– Priorities for the 2019 Election


Territorial Candidate Answers

Wilfred JR McNeely for Sahtu MLA

Paulie Chinna for Sahtu MLA

Lila Fraser Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh MLA

Caroline Wawzonek for Yellowknife South MLA

Gaeleen MacPherson for Yellowknife South MLA

Rylund Johnson for Yellowknife North MLA

Jan Vallillee for Yellowknife North MLA

Cory Vanthuyne for Yellowknife North MLA

Patrick Scott for Great Slave MLA

Katrina Nokleby for Great Slave MLA

Shane Thompson for Nahendeh MLA

Mike Drake for Nahendeh MLA

Kieron Testart for Kam Lake MLA

Cherish Winsor for Kam Lake MLA

Robert Hawkins for Kam Lake MLA

Rommel Silverio for Kam Lake MLA

Caroline Cochrane for Range Lake MLA

Hughie Graham for Range Lake MLA

Louis Sebert for Thebacha MLA

Denise Yuhas for Thebacha MLA

Kevin O’Reilly for Frame Lake MLA

Dave Ramsay for Frame Lake MLA

Niels Konge for Yellowknife Centre MLA

Thom Jarvis for Yellowknife Centre MLA

Julie Green Yellowknife Centre MLA

Arlene Hache for Yellowknife Centre MLA

Sallie Ross for Inuvik Twins Lake MLA

Jackie Jacobson for Nunakput MLA



About the NWTAC

The NWTAC is the non-profit, non-governmental organization representing the interests of all 32 incorporated NWT communities.

The NWTAC presents a unified voice for communities on municipal goals and issues, based upon the membership’s democratic adoption of resolutions and policy.

We promote these priorities through advocacy to the territorial and federal governments and through our membership in the national Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Services to member communities include:

  • development and delivery of programs serving community needs, such as the Northern Communities Insurance Program
  • support for development of members’ management capacity, particularly in community planning, energy management, and development of management support tools and best practices
  • exchange of information and technical services support
  • issues research and analysis


NWTAC Vision

Working together to achieve all that our communities want to be.

NWTAC Mission

We are working together to serve our communities by addressing common issues, delivering programs and exchanging information. We are the unified voice for communities on municipal goals determined by our members.